Since the dawn of its establishment, KLANGGROUP lives the strong ambition and spirit of its five founders to build the world towards a better and sustainable tomorrow. The aspiration to construct the ideal home for future generations is the very heart and soul of the organisation, thus serving as the motivation to strive through limits to improve the lives of the present and the future. As such, KLANGGROUP is built on the philosophy of developing not only properties and buildings, but also the sky-scraping potentials of the society and the nation as a whole.


The people-centric roots of KLANGGROUP have seen the organisation grow from its focus on meeting the market demands of factory developments, to its current emphasis on the all-encompassing developmental concepts of healthy lifestyle and perpetual improvements. While such values will greatly benefit the society at large, they gain the acknowledgement of the business arena, thus earning its reputation to undertake significant projects that are masterpieces by themselves.


To date, KLANGGROUP has carved such an impressive milestone in its work of art to reflect the one thing that matters the most – PEOPLE. With expansion plans in its pipeline, the organisation will soar to greater heights in the foreseeable future with its embarkation on Eco-Healthy and residential developments. Such prospects would certainly elaborate its capacity to manifest the opportunities in the industry ultimately, thus foreseeing endless possibilities in its growth. Beyond all breakthroughs, it is the core belief of the organisation to build a brighter tomorrow starting from today, by improving the lives of people who constitute the future.

About Us

Passion for Building Tomorrow


To be the global leader and innovator in developing sustainable and Eco-Healthy townships for both the present and future generations.


To promote the Eco-Healthy way of life with the ultimate goal to build a better and sustainable future for the generations to come.


We appreciate nature; it will reward us with Eco-Healthy environment, providing an overall positive living environment.


Where our workplace is the mastermind of all innovative developments, we practise equality and high ethics to grow and succeed as one.


Where home is the heart of the society, we make no compromise in our standards to develop the ideal homes of the people.


Where the wellbeing of the community plays a crucial role in our aspiration, we strive to build the city of wellness for everyone to call as home while educating the importance of Eco-Healthy way of living.